Neighborhood Cat Shot with Dart Gun

The board wants everyone to be aware of an incident that occurred on Saturday January 9 so that you protect your pets.  Adam Podell’s (10969 HSC) cat, Daikichi (top cat in photo), was shot in the eye with a dart gun like the one pictured.  He rushed her to an emergency vet and she will be OK, but may lose the sight in her eye.  Adam contacted the Fairfax County police and they have conducted an investigation.  They have no evidence to prove it, but suspect that the perpetrator was either the owner or son of the owner of the house behind Adam’s on Wilder Point Lane.   Adam saw Daikichi on his deck about an hour before she came home with the dart in her eye.  So please be careful if you let your pets outside unattended.  We don’t want to have another incident occur or God forbid have a pet killed.  If you do see anyone with a weapon like the one pictured below, please let someone on the board know or contact the Fairfax County police.

2 thoughts on “Neighborhood Cat Shot with Dart Gun

  1. We would hope that Adam would consider prosecuting the person or persons to the full extent of the law for this animal cruelty if the Fairfax County Police are successful in identifying the offender(s).


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