Snowmageddon II or Snowpocalypse Revisited

No matter what they are going to call this one, it seems we are in for a blockbuster snow storm Friday/Saturday.  So in preparation for the impending doom, here is a reminder of the cluster dos and don’ts for snow storm survival:

  • For those who  live in the circle, please only park in the perpendicular spaces; don’t park parallel to a curb so that the snow plow can maneuver around the parking lot and not worry about damaging any vehicles.  Please have all cars removed from the parallel spaces by Friday morning.  If you live in the circle and see any cars remaining in the parallel spaces, please knock on the owner’s door and remind them to move their vehicle.
  • If the snow cannot be plowed with a conventional truck-mounted plow, Sunrise will be in with a bobcat, but it will take longer for them to arrive.  So be patient.
  • It is your responsibility to shovel out your parking spaces and the common sidewalk in front of your house.  Let’s make a concerted effort to get all of the common sidewalks shoveled.  If you are going to be out of town or cannot shovel for some reason, please make arrangements to have your sidewalks shoveled.
  • Please do not use salt or chemical ice melt on the common sidewalks.  We were told by Dominion Paving and Sealing that any chemical ice melt, even those that are “environmentally safe,” still degrade concrete over time and will damage turf or plants.  The easiest way to avoid ice buildup is to shovel early and often during the snow storm before it gets walked on.
  • Don’t take (or allow a guest to take) another homeowner’s parking space that they have worked to shovel clear of snow until the snow melts enough to free up the few vacant spaces that we have.
  • Please shovel out fire hydrants near your area, so that they are visible.
  • Please clear the area in front of the mail boxes if the plow does not do it so that the mailman can get to them.
  • The snow is predicted to be wet and heavy which may lead to downed trees.  If you see that a tree has fallen on common ground, please notify Mary Demick.
  • And now to the fun part…..rumor has it that a Snow Happy Hour may be in the works for Saturday afternoon after we are all exhausted from shoveling and in need of a libation or two.  Stay tuned for more information!!!!


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