Harpers Square Snow Happy Hour

Howdy Harpers Square Neighbors!

I wanted to extend an invite to everyone for another infamous Harpers Square Snow Happy Hour Gathering for this Sunday, January 22nd at 1:00 PM. We’ll meet in the lower part of the neighborhood near the mailbox island. The prevailing thought is that most folks will be starting to dig out their parking spaces and sidewalks on Sunday morning, and it might be nice to have a little R&R and fun after the “Big Dig.” Everyone is encouraged to bring a “HOT” app, small dish, or creative snow beverage of their choice. We’re also looking for anyone willing to bring a portable pop-up tent, folding tables, lawn chairs, fire pit, fire wood, guitar, or anything else you can think of to liven up the get together. Feel free to bring a shovel with you, too, as we’ll probably need to quickly and merrily shovel out some space to setup in (so we’re not standing there in 2 feet of snow).

I hope 1:00 PM is a good time for everyone, with those NFL games kicking off at 3:00 PM.

Please reply with a comment to this post to let us know if you plan to attend, and if so, what items you might be able to supply (it’s always a team effort!)

Hope you can make it out there!

Take care Harpers Square… and good luck as you prep for “The BliZz”

~Shanen, 10916

post-script: A big congrats to Catherine and Joe on the double bundle of joy!


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