Verizon FiOS TV Signal Issue

Heverizon_fios_logo_2015llo neighbors,

I’ve been having some reception issues with my Verizon FiOS television signal and wanted to see if anyone else was also experiencing them.

I’m getting some horizontal lines and pixelation on Comedy Central HD (ch. 690) and Nick HD (752) every few minutes. It’s not overly noticeable but once you see it that’s all you’ll see afterwards!

Verizon has not been able to identify the source of the problem inside of
my place and is getting ready to escalate the issue. They say it would make for a stronger case if others in the area were experiencing it, too. Then they’d know for sure that it was something on their end.

Thus, if you are having issues on these channels please leave a comment below and hopefully we’ll have this resolved soon.

Thank you – Stan

4 thoughts on “Verizon FiOS TV Signal Issue

  1. I had a little fluttering and a touch of pixelization last night on Discovery ID. I don’t find it out of the ordinary—this time—but at other times in the past, random additional channels will pixelate. Not sure if this is helpful, as it’s one of those things that would probably never occur when the vendor is looking, but just thought I’d toss it in in case it helps pinpoint anything.




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