Water pressure issues?

Richard Padgett has noticed that his water pipes rattle when a toilet flushes, and upon investigation it appears to be a pressure problem (water pressure too high in his house).  FCWA (Fairfax County Water Authority) is coming tomorrow (Wed, 3/16) to test the water pressure at the street to house level.

If anyone is having similar issues and would like it reported to FCWA, please enter a comment to this post with your name and street address and Richard will report it to FCWA.

Meanwhile, Richard, keep your head above water.  hahaha


6 thoughts on “Water pressure issues?

  1. 10909 has also had an issue but we weren’t sure what it was. Upon hearing this problem I can almost bet that we have the same going on at our place.


  2. Michael and Debbie Christie 10909 I have had slight hammering for four or five days, although on Tuesday night 3-15 I do not notice it. Thanks for the notice and for contacting FCWA.


  3. We have had one or two issues with water pressure in the past, but both times it was the pressure-reducing valve that’s usually inside the house, basement level, front wall, about halfway up from the main valve. These can become defective over time, although the time varies. We’re still the original owners of 10912 Harpers Sq Ct, and have replaced this valve once or twice. It’s usually, but not always, what the problem is. If you have yours replaced, make sure you check your pressure before the plumber leaves, to be sure you’re satisfied with the water pressure after the new valve has been installed. Hope this is helpful.



  4. We are having pressure issues with our cold water and it is significantly less pressure than normal. We at located at 10902 Barton Hill Ct.


    Katie & Luke


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