Spring Clean-up Bonanza

April 9 (raindate of April 16) is slated for our annual cluster clean-up.  We want to switch it up this year, to include a collaborative effort to clean-up, weed, spot power-wash of our own properties.

Don’t have a power-washer?  No worry, Linda Moore has one and will gladly share it.

Not sure how best to tackle the weeds in the front yard?  No worry, Mary Demick (marydemick@comcast.net) is happy to consult (free of charge 🙂 prior to, or day of, the clean-up.  So feel free to reach out to her now, and/or find her on clean-up day.

Do you have a tree that needs trimming, but you’re not 12 feet tall?  No worry, we have a couple of tree loppers that we’re happy to share.

Assuming no measurable snow this Sunday, please put away your shovels and pull out your rakes and brooms.  And please, please, please keep trash-cans in the rear of your homes, per our association by-laws.

Food and libations to follow the clean up!

Please comment below with any suggestions regarding cluster clean-up needs.

Happy Spring!



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