Harpers Square BBQ This Saturday

Howdy Harpers Square Neighbors,

My name is Shanen Elliott.  Dana Moreland and I will once again be organizing the entertainment and picnic fun this upcoming Saturday afternoon. We’ll be setting up in the same place as last year, in the grassy area between my house (10916) and The Cloughs (across from the lower neighborhood mailbox island). The goal of the event is to get as many friendly faces from the neighborhood out as possible. It’s been good to see and meet many of you at our recent snow happy hours and Halloween gatherings, and we’re hoping this event will also have a fun and relaxed feel.

We’re once again going with a BBQ theme, and the neighborhood will be supplying hamburgers and hot dogs, along with propane for the Clough’s world class grilling device! Everyone is asked to bring a BBQ main dish, grillable, side, appetizer, or dessert, along with any beverages of your liking. Also, don’t forget to dust off those lawn chairs or bring a nice picnic blanket. Although Stan can’t make it due to a wedding, he has very kindly offered to lend us his volleyball net and gear for some friendly competition and exercise. The event is family friendly and kids are welcome to bring their bikes, trikes, skateboards, hoverboards, and scooters. We’ll put out our neighborhood Costco crossing guard (Bob) to slow any traffic coming into the lower part of the neighborhood. If you have family or friends in town, feel free to bring them as well … and we’ll show them our Harpers Square spirit. We’ll once again be spinning some fun tunes, with the potential for some family friendly karaoke in the late afternoon/early evening. We’re hoping to cap things off with some fire pit fun (just need the fire pit itself) and some tasty s’mores!

We’ll be setting up around 2:30 PM with the party starting at 3:00 PM. There’s a few items we’re looking for to enhance the party a bit, so please chime in if you can help us by bringing/lugging over any of the following items:

  1. An IPAD with 4G
  2. A few small card tables
  3. A Fire Pit
  4. Glow Sticks (always fun for the kiddos!)
  5. Extension cords

Things Everyone is Encouraged to Bring:

  • Friends, Family, and Kids
  • Lawn chairs
  • A main dish, grillable, side, appetizer, or dessert
  • Beverages of your choice (BYOB)
  • A short list of songs you love to sing!
  • That Great Harpers Square Cluster Spirit!

Feel free to “reply” with any questions, thoughts, or ideas!

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!


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