Reminder – Parking Lot ReStriping Tomorrow

Don’t forget, Harpers Square has contracted with a company to restripe the parking lot and paint our curbs tomorrow, Thursday April 28.  The work will start at 9 AM.  All vehicles must be removed from the parking lot by 8:30 AM and can return after 6 PM.  No exceptions.  We will have a tow truck waiting to tow vehicles that remain in the parking lot.   They will be towed to Barton Hill Road at the owner’s expense.  The weather forecast is for showers, but the painting company won’t make a go/no go decision until the morning, so please move your vehicles, even if it is raining in the morning.

3 thoughts on “Reminder – Parking Lot ReStriping Tomorrow

  1. Hi guys,

    It’s raining but I’ll be moving both our cars shortly. However, Fran’s already up in Ohio and I’m headed up there a bit later today, so whatever happens, our cars (a pair of now-vintage Saturns) will be up on Barton Hill thru probably Saturday evening, whatever happens. Just so y’all know. They wont’ be there forever! Thanx.

    –Terry Ponick


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