Dog Waste – Please Be Considerate

The board has had a few complaints about dog waste being found in yards.  Please be considerate and pick up after your dog.  Also, remember that Fairfax County has a leash law.  All dogs are to be on a leash at all times.  They are not permitted to roam off a leash.  When they do, you cannot be sure you are picking up after them.  And dog pee burns grass.  Please don’t let your dogs pee on your neighbors lawns or the common area.  They should be walked into the naturalized areas that do not have grass.  Thank you for being a responsible dog owner.

2 thoughts on “Dog Waste – Please Be Considerate

  1. Kirsten – can you be more specific about which naturalized areas you are talking about? You aren’t referring to the area around the playground, are you? Thanks.


  2. No, I am not referring to the playground. For sanitary reasons, pets should not be walked in the playground area. I am referring to any of the wooded areas or areas with mulch, provided dogs don’t pee on landscaped plants or shrubbery. Dog pee almost killed the boxwoods that we planted in the bed by the main entrance when dogs walked on the trail were allowed to pee on them. Which is why we had to add a row of grasses. There are many wooded areas around the perimeter of the cluster and along trails where dogs can be walked.


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