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A couple of homeowners commented on the posting about our board meeting starting time which is typically 6 pm, asking if it could be moved back to make it easier for people who work downtown to attend.  The board discussed it at our meeting last night and the current members prefer to keep the starting time at 6 pm, so that we are not ending after 9 pm.  Our meeting last night lasted until 8:25 even with a 6 pm starting time.  All homeowners are welcome to attend any meeting.  But if it starts a bit early for you, you can always come late.  And if you have an issue that you want to discuss, all you need to do is let us know in advance and we will put you later on the agenda to ensure that you have time to speak.  We don’t want to exclude anyone, but starting an hour later just pushes the ending time back too late.  We also don’t want to discourage anyone from considering serving on the board.  If new members are elected, the new board will decide meeting times based on everyone’s availability.

7 thoughts on “Board Meetings

    • Great. Seeing that November is right around the corner, would you mind also explaining the process? Are the candidate filing deadlines to announce candidacy? Do residents campaign or provide a statement of their qualifications or their intentions on how they will serve the residents and the cluster?


      • Hi Ryan – there’s a lot of info on this in our Bylaws so you may want to start there and let us know if you have any other questions. You can access the Bylaws from the For Homeowners > Cluster Documents tab.

        10947 HSC


  1. Ryan,

    In the past we have struggled to find people willing to serve on the board, so many of us have been on the board for too many years to count. Stan is the exception….he volunteered to take over for a retiring board member last year, so he is in the first year of his first term. But he helped out with special projects the year before to learn the ropes. If you are interested, we would love to have you help out with a few projects this coming year. That way you can learn how we operate and determine if you have time to commit to being a board member. Per our bylaws, a board member is elected to a 3-year term, which often ends up being much more. Let us know if you are interested.



  2. The bylaws link mentioned above goes to a blank page. Is there another place I should look? Reading all these posts made me curious to find out more!



    • Hi Andrea, the blank page you reference actually contains a link to the Bylaws accessible by clicking on the word BYLAWS. I can see how that was confusing so I’ve added an arrow showing where you need to click.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you need anything else.



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