Snow Removal Tips and Reminders

Please aid our snow contractor, Sunrise, in making our snow and ice removal successful.

Here’s how you can help:snow-plow-cart-vjwd43-clipart

Mark it while you can see it: driveway edges, curbs, and other potential obstacles covered in snow. We may miss a potential hazard and unfortunately, cannot assume responsibility for damage to unmarked areas and obstacles.

Trash and Recycling bins
– Place trash and recycle bins on grass or out of the way so that plowing and shoveling will not be interrupted and your bins will not be damaged.

Parked Cars
– Sunrise will not plow or shovel close to parked cars.
– For best snow removal results maintain access for our plows to clear larger swaths and tight paths. Cars should not be parked in spots that will prevent us from navigating with ease.

Watch where you throw that snow
-Shoveled snow thrown on roads, walkways and driveways should be avoided. Piled snow can significantly impede our ability to perform service and can incur additional charges to remove as it takes more time and requires additional equipment and repeat visits.

Please keep your distance
– We adhere to strict safety standards with our snow removal operations. Please use caution when you see us actively working. Don’t assume we see you while operating our
equipment and large plow trucks.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Sunrise Landscaping and Design

2 thoughts on “Snow Removal Tips and Reminders

  1. I never considered how much harder it would be to remove pilled up snow. Even though the plow trucks can be strong, the equipment can break down under a heavy enough load. Thanks for giving me the awesome snow tips!


  2. I just wanted to thank you for these tips for removing snow. I actually didn’t know that it’s important to make sure the trash or recycle bins are on the grass are at least out of the way of the street for plowing/shoveling purposes. I’m kind of interested to learn if there is a good distance you should keep these away to make sure that it doesn’t end up being covered in snow from the plows.


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