Outside Maintenance Inspections

It is that time of year again…the board of Harpers Square will be completing the annual outside maintenance inspections of every home in the cluster.  Richard Padgett will be conducting the inspections this year with the help of Adam Podell.  They will be inspecting landscaping to ensure your yard is in good shape (grass mowed and not a weed fest, shrubs trimmed, nothing dead, no piled up leaves from last fall, etc.).  They will be looking at the condition of the exterior of your home for things like clean siding, shutter and trim paint in good condition, fences and decks not rotting or in need of power washing and/or staining, etc.).  They will be looking to ensure you have not installed any items that are not approved by the Reston Association (RA) Design Review Board (exterior lights, sheds, storm doors, windows, etc.).  Lastly, they will be looking at general upkeep.  Your trash and recycle bins should not be visible from the street, your windows should have grids, you shouldn’t have a pile of trash or junk on your porch or piled in your back yard, you should not have visible wiring hanging from a satellite dish, etc.

The inspections will be conducted within the next couple of weeks.  You will be notified via email if items that need your attention are identified.  You will be given a time frame for addressing the issues, after which a followup inspection will be conducted.  If you have not addressed the issues at the time of the followup inspection, Harpers Square will file a complaint with RA.  Once RA receives the complaint, they are compelled to follow up with an inspection of their own, during which they may identify other items that need to be addressed.  We have found that they are more strict than Harpers Square.  So take some time in the next week or so and tidy up your exterior, get together with a group of neighbors and power wash your units, tend to your landscaping, and keep our cluster looking good.

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