Car Burglar Was Back Last Night

Last night about 2 AM someone went through the neighborhood and ransacked unlocked vehicles.  He was caught on Jacob Dilles’ (10907 HSC) security camera.  See the video below:

If your vehicle was ransacked, please file a report with the Fairfax County police.  When filing your report, tell them about the video.  Jacob has agreed to provide the video or still photos to the police.   Jacob’s email address is

When you file your report, please remind them that Jacob filed a report on November 7, 2016, for a similar incident.  The police report was:

2016-3120088 MPO ST Bacon “Vehicle tampering in the neighborhood”

Jacob provided the officer with video and still photos then as well.

If anyone recognizes the burglar, please notify the police immediately.

Going forward, everyone please lock your vehicles at all times.  If we don’t provide the burglar with targets, it will discourage him from returning.


One thought on “Car Burglar Was Back Last Night

  1. We had some incidents in Barton Hill Cluster today too–what is interesting about this photo it is like the culprit had some intel on the camera, because the minivan he/she did not seem concerned with the light on…but the vehicle in front of the camera, the light was purposely turned off…


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