Parking Lot Sealing and Restriping

It has been 3 years since we last sealed the parking lots and repainted the white stripes and yellow curbs.  So it is time to do it again.  We have hired Collegiate Sealers and Paving to do the work this year.   The work will take 2 days and is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday June 13 and 14, weather permitting.  All vehicles need to be removed from the parking lots by 7:00 AM the morning of June 13 and will not be permitted to park in our lots until the evening of June 14.  Reminders will be posted on the mail boxes, but if you will be out of town that week, please make arrangements for a neighbor to move your vehicles.

One thought on “Parking Lot Sealing and Restriping

  1. Has there been any talk about going with purple stripes and green curbs this year? I hear that combination of colors can help deter car thievery.


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