Annual Meeting Minutes Posted

For those interested in the outcomes/votes from our Annual Meeting held on 11/4, the minutes are now available on our blog. You can access them by hovering your mouse over Board Members/Meetings tab on the home page and clicking on the Board Meeting Minutes link on the drop down menu.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

HSC Board

2 thoughts on “Annual Meeting Minutes Posted

  1. Thank you for posting the minutes. Unfortunately, I could not make this meeting so this was helpful. I noticed in the minutes with respect to the inspections that the Board would notify and violators via email. I was curious, how does the Board have email addresses of residents? I have lived here for just about two years and have yet to meet a single Board member yet alone exchange emails addresses with a Board member. Does the Board have alternative methods on notifying residents of any issues besides email?

    I appreciate your leadership for the Cluster. Thanks again.


  2. Hey Board Members/Neighbors/Friends: thank you for all your work and contributions. Sorry to have missed the meeting this year.


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