Brace Yourselves – a Freeze is Coming – Winterize Your Home


A freeze warning has been issued for our area from 7 PM this evening to 10 AM Saturday, with temperatures dropping into the low 20s…burr!

In addition to protecting your sensitive outdoor plants, consider taking the following steps to winterize your home in order to minimize the potential for a burst pipe. Water damage can be very expensive, especially if it damages flooring, electronics or valuable goods. The best course of action is to properly winterize faucets, pipes and plumbing.

1. Remove and store garden hoses

Your first step towards winterizing your exterior faucets is to remove all attached hoses, drain them and store them away.

2. Shut off the valves and drain water

Shut off the interior valves for your front and rear water lines by turning them clockwise. These valves can be found in your basement, high up near the ceiling. Then go outside and turn on the front and rear faucets (open the valves) until they run dry. Once the water is cleared, turn off the exterior faucets (close the valves).

3. Winterize Yourself

Don’t hole yourself up in your house but do bundle up when you’re outside. Feeling the rays of sunlight on your face will energize you! Getting stuck inside can’t lead to anything good (e.g. The Shining). 🙂

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