Last Leaf Pickup Next Week

Weather permitting, the next and final leaf pickup for the year will take place next week, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday (tbc).


Again, our contractor will be picking up leaves from our common areas only and not from your personal properties but as a courtesy they will also take your leaves if you blow or rake them (not in bags) into the parking lot.

Trees will also be trimmed on the same day. If you park close to any pin oaks you may have to move your vehicles to prevent any damage from falling debris.

We’ll keep you posted on the exact date of service.

HSC Board


3 thoughts on “Last Leaf Pickup Next Week

  1. We have had an ongoing problem with the tenant’s leaving their entire garbage containers full and empty on their front porch for a long time. This property is located at 10967 Harper’s Square Court.
    Tax Records show that the owner is related to the tenant.

    We have brought this issue up to Ms. Dolan to discuss with the HOA Board along with photographs that were sent to her.

    As far as I can tell, this has either not been brought up to the board or has been sidetracked.

    Along with Barton Hill Rd. Becoming a parking lot for Tim Gaynon’s Gutter Service trucks and vans, 7 vehicles of his counted today alone, the Barton Hill area is becoming an eye sore and looks like a
    “Seedy Neighborhood”.

    Can’t we enforce what we can as a community within our own jurisdications as Dan quoted in the Bylaws, cans are to be kept in the rear of the property only ?. Why is the Harper’s Square Board not enforcing its own rules?. As original owners in Harper’s Square, it is sad to the neighborhood decline.


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