High Winds Expected Friday

Extremely high winds are forecast in our area starting late Thursday night/early Friday morning into Saturday.  Please do not put any trash out tomorrow night unless it is in a closed bin or tightly secured bag.  And please do not put out recyclables in open top bins unless you tie up the papers in bundles, securely cover the bin, or otherwise secure the recyclables.  The same for cardboard boxes and packaging materials.  If at all possible, just wait until next week to put out your recyclables.  We don’t want trash, papers, and plastic bottles blowing around the neighborhood.  If items do get blown around, please pick them up in your area of the cluster.  Thank you in advance for helping to keep our cluster free of trash.

2 thoughts on “High Winds Expected Friday

  1. Harpers Square does not pay for a separate yard waste pickup. We are exempt in Fairfax County because of our small yard size and because we have a landscaping company that takes all of the common area yard waste. All yard waste must be bagged and put out with the regular trash on Thursday nights. If it is visibly yard waste in the open-topped paper bags from Home Depot or tied bundles of branches, the trash hauler may not pick it up. It should be bagged so that it is not visibly yard waste to the trash hauler.


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