Outside Maintenance Inspections

inspection_passfailIt is that time of year again…the Board of Harpers Square will be conducting the annual outside maintenance inspections of every home in the Cluster.

We will be looking to ensure you have not installed any items that are not approved by the Reston Association (RA) Design Review Board Landscaping Guidelines (please click the link to read requirements). We will be looking for the following prohibited items: red mulch, white stone, and uniform modular block walls.

We will also be inspecting landscaping to ensure your yard is in good shape (grass mowed and not a weed fest, shrubs trimmed, nothing dead, no piled up leaves from last fall, etc.). We will be looking at the condition of the exterior of your home for things like clean siding, shutter and trim paint in good condition, fences and decks not rotting or in need of power washing and/or staining, etc.).

Lastly, we will be looking at general upkeep. Your trash and recycle bins should not be visible from the street, your windows should have grids, you shouldn’t have a pile of trash or junk on your porch or piled in your backyard, and you should not have visible wiring hanging from a satellite dish, etc.

Regarding vehicles, please note that all residents’ cars parked in our Cluster are required to have VA license plates as well as current safety inspection and registration stickers. If you are new to the county/state, you have 30 days to register their vehicle(s). Vehicles not in compliance with these requirements will be towed at the owner’s expense.

The inspections will be conducted within the next couple of weeks. Even if we miss something and you do not get a violation notice from the Board, you will certainly get one from RA when you go to sell your home and RA comes out to do their mandatory inspection. Thus, we strongly encourage you to read all applicable RA Cluster Guidelines (click to access) including the Landscaping Guidelines mentioned above and make sure you are in full compliance with all of the listed requirements.

So take some time in the next few weeks to tidy up your exterior, get together with a group of neighbors and power wash your units, tend to your landscaping, and keep our Cluster looking good!

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