Cluster Parking Reminder


Some changes are occurring in the cluster that are leading to some parking issues.  Several homeowners have added additional vehicles. Barbecue season is upon us and homeowners are having more visitors. And we have college students returning home for the summer. All of this has created a shortage of parking spaces throughout the cluster. So please remember some basic parking etiquette so that we all have the parking spaces we expect as residents of the cluster.

The cluster has enough parking spaces for every unit to have 2 spots with a few left over for visitors. If you have a third vehicle, you must park it in spaces that are not typically occupied by the first 2 vehicles. If there is not enough space to park a third vehicle in some areas of the parking lot, you must park it on Barton Hill Road. Everyone knows their neighbors’ vehicles, and should be aware of who typically parks where. We encourage everyone in areas with limited parking to talk to your neighbors and work out a plan of who parks in which spaces. If you have guests visiting (especially on weekday evenings when residents are typically coming home from work), please ask them to park on Barton Hill Road so as not to take up other residents’ spaces. If parking gets too limited, to be fair to everyone we will have to require all third vehicles to park on Barton Hill Road.

And as a reminder, we do not have speed bumps in the parking lot because we trust that everyone will exercise caution and drive slowly through the cluster. Children play in the parking lot and many parking spaces are on curves where it is difficult to see approaching vehicles. So please keep your neighbors safety in mind when entering the parking lot and DRIVE SLOW, even near the entrance.

4 thoughts on “Cluster Parking Reminder

  1. Has anyone had mail problems recently? We haven’t gotten mail for the last two days!

    Kate Sternberg

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  2. Please ensure strongly when putting out information regarding parking on Barton Hill Road the following.

    It is NOT a parking lot for Harper’s Square Residents. It is a through Fairfax County road for 50 houses on Barton Hill Road, Quimby Point Lane and Wilder Point Lane.

    It is a heavily travelled ingress and egress and was originally built in 1977 adapted to older Fairfax County Guidelines for neighborhood roads.

    Also, Harper’s Square Cluster,Barton Hill & Granby land had not been sold to Ryan or Ryland Deveuopers and originally scaled for lesser amounts of vehicles.

    Any vehicles parked without Fairfax County & State inspections and license tags will be reported to the Police.

    There have also been ongoing problems with abandoned & junked vehicles that have been towed away by the police.

    Commercial vehicles with signage of a certain length are not allowed to park on roads in residential neighborhoods and are subject to fines.

    Therefore, when suggesting extra parking for cluster residents, full disclosure of the laws and guidelines should also be outlined to residents of the neighborhood.


  3. Jacqueline, thank you for your input and historical perspective. Rest assured our Cluster residents are continuously reminded of all applicable state and county motor vehicle laws. Just last month we posted a notice about license tags, inspections, etc., perhaps you saw? I agree there have been some issues with parking on Barton Hill Road but I don’t believe these issues were caused by our residents. In any case, we will continue to keep this matter fresh on everyone’s minds as it impacts everyone in our little slice of paradise.


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