No Dumping Leaves in Common Areas Please

Our landscaping crews have recently come through to do the spring cleanup. Since then it was reported that someone dumped their leaves in the common area parking lot.

We kindly ask that you abstain from dumping your leaves and lawn debris into any common areas and if you have recently done so we ask that you remove them and dispose of them in a bag with your trash.

Thank you,

HSC Board

8 thoughts on “No Dumping Leaves in Common Areas Please

  1. Can you ask the landscaping crew come back tomorrow and finish picking up the leaves in the front court?

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    • Hi Dan, the crew spent 3 days cleaning our cluster and the leaves you mentioned were dumped after they came through so unfortunately they can’t come back for them. The resident(s) who left them there need to pick them up as mentioned in the original post.


      • Hi Dan, my understanding is that the landscaping crew came thru, cleaned everything and then afterwards a resident dumped their leaves into the common area. Again, the responsible party needs to collect their leaves from the common area.

        Dumping leaves in the common area is never allowed except in the fall right before the crew comes thru but technically they are only hired to pickup common area leaves and debris and do this as a favor.


  2. I understand the principle and hope the responsible party collects their leaves. Until then the practical reality is everyone in our square is punished for something beyond our control. Will the association make an effort to hold whom ever dumped their leaves responsible?


    • Dan, the Board relies on neighbors talking with each other and trying to solve issues on their own. This is our community, our neighbors and we are all human and make mistakes. If you want to try to resolve this on your own with your neighbors we’d greatly appreciate it. If this becomes an ongoing issue there is recourse available but I don’t think we’re quite there yet.


  3. I took care of the leaves this morning. I spend time being friendly with our neighbors. I hope this will not be an issue going forward.


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