Annual Exterior Maintenance Inspections

A big thank you to Adam Podell and Ryan Cooperman who have volunteered to conduct this year’s exterior maintenance inspections of all of the units in the cluster.  They will begin the inspections on May 14.  They will be using a checklist to ensure they are fair and look at the same things for every house.  They will be looking to see if everyone’s lawn and landscaping is well maintained (grass mowed and not a weed bed, bushes trimmed, no dead landscaping or trees).  They will be looking at the exterior of your home, decks, and fences to make sure the siding/wood is clean (not green), that there is no peeling or overly faded paint on trim and shudders, and that wooden fences or decks are not rotting or missing boards, among other things.  They will also be looking for missing window grids, trash/recycle cans that are visible from the sidewalk, and general trash or junk in yards.  Lastly they will be looking for vehicles in the parking lot that are not properly registered and licensed in the state of Virginia.  If you would like to see a copy of the full checklist that they will be using, you can find it on the “For Home Owners” page available on the HSCA website homepage.

If an item is identified that needs your attention, you will be notified via email with a deadline for addressing the issue, and a followup inspection will be conducted.  Please be sure to address the issue in a timely manner to avoid being turned over to Reston Association for the violation.  Or better yet, take some time in the next week to get your yard and house in shape and avoid receiving an email notice in the first place.

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