Looking for Volunteers to Paint an Apartment

Artemis House is a domestic violence shelter in Reston. It provides temporary housing to women and children who are survivors of domestic violence. The shelter has 12 apartments, and they all need to be painted. Six of them are two bedroom, and one is a three bedroom. The other five apartments just need the common areas painted as the bedrooms are already done.

I am familiar with Artemis House because I volunteer there, working in the front office and babysitting some evenings so that the mothers can take advantage of evening activities like sewing, cooking, mindfulness, yoga, etc (all services provided by volunteers who want to help these women and children recover from the abuse and get a new start in life).

Most often, the women/kids are in an apartment for a few months until more permanent housing can be found. The apartment is their safe place for a period of time after leaving their homes, often emergently and with little of their personal belongings. Because the apartments turn over so frequently, and because they are often inhabited by young kids, the walls get marked and dingy pretty quickly.

We’re really hoping to find volunteers to paint these apartments so that the survivors can have fresh housing as they get a fresh start on life. We are trying to engage companies in the area that provide volunteer hours to their employees, and/or who engage in community events.

We are also looking for individuals, their family and friends who might want to cobble together enough folks to “adopt” an apartment to paint.

If interested, please contact me atmoorelindamarie@gmail.com

Many thanks,

Linda Moore

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