Beware “tent worms”

Tent worms have been found in bushes and trees in the cluster.  If you have them and need help getting rid of them, just google tent worms.  One solution is to cut them from the tree/bush and immerse them in soapy water to kill them.  Good luck!

tent worms

Saturday’s cluster clean-up

Saturday’s weather looks great, so the cluster clean-up is on, starting at 9am !  As a reminder, we are focusing on yard maintenance this year, and a band of gardeners will be out and about to offer assistance to anyone interested.  We have the following tools/materials available:

hedge clipper
lawn mower
tree trimmer
lawn bags
shovels and rakes

Plans so far include re-planting front row bushes for one house, general weeding at another, removal of dead branches from common area trees, and picking up of branches, twigs, and sticks.

We also have available light colored mulch chips. There is a pile at the top of Harpers Square and a pile at the bottom of Harpers Square. It’s there for the taking any time.

We’re also looking forward to the cluster social at 3pm, thanks to the efforts of Dana and Shannen.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

This weekend’s weather looks cold and wet, so we are rescheduling our cluster clean-up day to Saturday, April 16th.

Hopefully it’ll be warmer, and more folks available for gardening and partying!

The mulch is still scheduled to arrive this Wednesday, and it’s available for the taking.  No need to wait until cluster clean-up day.

See you on the 16th

April 9th Cluster Clean-Up

Hello all

Thanks to the efforts of our past cluster cleanups, there is little common area maintenance needed this year.  So, we thought instead we’d collectively tackle individual home maintenance activities such as weeding, laying mulch, tree trimming, light power washing, fending off carpenter bees, etc.

We have found a free mulch resource, and invite all to take what you need.  We’ll arrange delivery late this coming week.  Given that some people love lawn/house maintenance, and others love it not so much, we have a few folks who have volunteered to help out those who would like help, and we invite anyone else to join in.

So, as in years past, please plan to meet down near the cul-de-sac with basic gardening supplies right around 9am on Saturday, the 9th (rain date the 16th).  Then, we’ll wing it from there.

We also thought to build a book “nook” where books can be donated and shared among neighbors, a tiny library with no rules :).  We are hoping that Jacob Dilles, Richard Padgett, and Mark Demick will build it.  If anyone else is interested, please join in.

Lastly, our social committee folks are pulling together food, libations, and entertainment plans to begin around 3pm.  More to come on that in the next post.

Happy Spring from the HSCA Board 🙂


Spring Clean-up Bonanza

April 9 (raindate of April 16) is slated for our annual cluster clean-up.  We want to switch it up this year, to include a collaborative effort to clean-up, weed, spot power-wash of our own properties.

Don’t have a power-washer?  No worry, Linda Moore has one and will gladly share it.

Not sure how best to tackle the weeds in the front yard?  No worry, Mary Demick ( is happy to consult (free of charge 🙂 prior to, or day of, the clean-up.  So feel free to reach out to her now, and/or find her on clean-up day.

Do you have a tree that needs trimming, but you’re not 12 feet tall?  No worry, we have a couple of tree loppers that we’re happy to share.

Assuming no measurable snow this Sunday, please put away your shovels and pull out your rakes and brooms.  And please, please, please keep trash-cans in the rear of your homes, per our association by-laws.

Food and libations to follow the clean up!

Please comment below with any suggestions regarding cluster clean-up needs.

Happy Spring!



Water pressure issues?

Richard Padgett has noticed that his water pipes rattle when a toilet flushes, and upon investigation it appears to be a pressure problem (water pressure too high in his house).  FCWA (Fairfax County Water Authority) is coming tomorrow (Wed, 3/16) to test the water pressure at the street to house level.

If anyone is having similar issues and would like it reported to FCWA, please enter a comment to this post with your name and street address and Richard will report it to FCWA.

Meanwhile, Richard, keep your head above water.  hahaha