Cluster Standards

Many of you have recently received emails concerning addressing cluster exterior maintenance issues.  If you were notified of an issue related to painting trim or doors, be sure to use the approved paint color for your unit.  The cluster standards, including the one for paint colors, can be found on our website here:

If you have a question, it is better to talk to a board member before painting, so that you do not have to do it again.

Remember, if you follow a cluster standard, you do not have to get approval from Reston Association.  But if you choose to do something that is not already approved as a standard for the cluster, you must submit an application to Reston Association and get a board officer’s signature on the application as well as the neighbors on either side of your unit.


Annual Exterior Maintenance Inspections

A big thank you to Adam Podell and Ryan Cooperman who have volunteered to conduct this year’s exterior maintenance inspections of all of the units in the cluster.  They will begin the inspections on May 14.  They will be using a checklist to ensure they are fair and look at the same things for every house.  They will be looking to see if everyone’s lawn and landscaping is well maintained (grass mowed and not a weed bed, bushes trimmed, no dead landscaping or trees).  They will be looking at the exterior of your home, decks, and fences to make sure the siding/wood is clean (not green), that there is no peeling or overly faded paint on trim and shudders, and that wooden fences or decks are not rotting or missing boards, among other things.  They will also be looking for missing window grids, trash/recycle cans that are visible from the sidewalk, and general trash or junk in yards.  Lastly they will be looking for vehicles in the parking lot that are not properly registered and licensed in the state of Virginia.  If you would like to see a copy of the full checklist that they will be using, you can find it on the “For Home Owners” page available on the HSCA website homepage.

If an item is identified that needs your attention, you will be notified via email with a deadline for addressing the issue, and a followup inspection will be conducted.  Please be sure to address the issue in a timely manner to avoid being turned over to Reston Association for the violation.  Or better yet, take some time in the next week to get your yard and house in shape and avoid receiving an email notice in the first place.

Happy Ending

Gracie, the missing dog, found her way back to the tot lot and Adam
Podell spotted her and called Ann.  So thanks to the HSCA website, our great neighbors, a smart dog, and a little luck, Gracie and her Mom have been reunited.  A good way to start the weekend.  Graciecloseup

Neighbor’s Missing Dog


Ann DeChamps’ (10906 Barton Hill Court) dog Gracie is missing.  She was last seen in the area of Twin Branches and South Lakes Drive near Villa Ridge.  She has a purple harness, and a collar with identification and Ann’s phone number on it.  If you see Gracie or can help Ann look for her, please call Ann at 703-625-5727.  Ann’s email address is

Thanks so much.

Late Payment Reminders

Some of you may have received quarterly dues late payment reminders yesterday morning even though you have set up ACH automated payments with AMV.   The reminders are automated and programmed by AMV to be sent on the 1st of the quarter if payment has not yet been received.  If the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday, your ACH automated payment will not be instituted until the next business day, prompting the late payment reminder.   We asked if this could be changed and were told that it cannot.  But you can opt out of the emailed reminders by following these steps:

  • Log into your account through (same as you did when you set up the automatic withdrawal).
  • Click on the “User Profile” tab.
  • Then click “Email Options” and un-check the Late Payment Notification email or any other email you may be receiving that you don’t want to receive.


High Winds Expected Friday

Extremely high winds are forecast in our area starting late Thursday night/early Friday morning into Saturday.  Please do not put any trash out tomorrow night unless it is in a closed bin or tightly secured bag.  And please do not put out recyclables in open top bins unless you tie up the papers in bundles, securely cover the bin, or otherwise secure the recyclables.  The same for cardboard boxes and packaging materials.  If at all possible, just wait until next week to put out your recyclables.  We don’t want trash, papers, and plastic bottles blowing around the neighborhood.  If items do get blown around, please pick them up in your area of the cluster.  Thank you in advance for helping to keep our cluster free of trash.