Want to Get Jiggy with It? Irish Dance School Opening In Our Community!

FAIRShannon Foley Dilles (10907 Harpers Square Ct.) just started her dance school, Foley Academy of Irish Dance, right here in Reston! She is excited to bring Irish Dance to our community and has two 4-wk sessions starting in 2018. Sessions are available for children and adults. No experience necessary and you don’t have to be Irish!

Check out her web site at https://www.foleyirishdance.com/ and follow Foley Academy on Facebook for more information!

January 4-Wk Session at Beth Emeth, 12523 Lawyers Rd., Herndon, VA 20171
Every Tuesday in January starting Jan. 9, 2018
Ages 5-17: 6-7pm
Adults 18+: 7-8pm
Find out more information and register via bethemeth.org/irishdance
Members: $40
Non-members: $60

February 4-Wk Session at Browns Chapel, 1575 Browns Chapel Rd. Reston, VA
Classes Start Feb. 6, 2018
Ages 5-11: 6:30-7:30 pm Tuesday
Ages 12-17: 7:30-8:30 pm Tuesday
Adults 18+: 7:30-8:30 pm Thursday
Find out more information and register online via: https://www.foleyirishdance.com/beginner-irish-dance-session/
Total Session Fee: $80
Register before Jan. 30 to receive 25% discount!



Come join the Foley Academy of Irish Dance and try something new for 2018!

Thank you!


Final Leaf Pickup Tomorrow – Monday 12/18

We just got word that our contractor will be here tomorrow, Monday, December 18th, to pick up leaves from our common areas. If you want your leaves picked up you can blow/rake them into the parking lot; there’s no need to bag them.

If you can, take advantage of this service because if you miss it and decide to deal with your leaves later you’ll need to bag them all for our regular trash pickup on Fridays.

Trees will also be trimmed. If you park close to any pin oaks you may have to move your vehicles to prevent any damage from falling debris.

HSC Board

Last Leaf Pickup Next Week

Weather permitting, the next and final leaf pickup for the year will take place next week, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday (tbc).


Again, our contractor will be picking up leaves from our common areas only and not from your personal properties but as a courtesy they will also take your leaves if you blow or rake them (not in bags) into the parking lot.

Trees will also be trimmed on the same day. If you park close to any pin oaks you may have to move your vehicles to prevent any damage from falling debris.

We’ll keep you posted on the exact date of service.

HSC Board


1st Leaf Pickup Happening Soon..

Our landscape contractor will be coming by in the near future, possibly this week, to pick up leaves from our common areas. We will post the exact date as soon as we are notified. 

Please feel free to rake your leaves into the parking lots and they will be picked up along with the communal leaves. Do not bag them. 

The 2nd pickup should be in early December.
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

HSC Board

Brace Yourselves – a Freeze is Coming – Winterize Your Home


A freeze warning has been issued for our area from 7 PM this evening to 10 AM Saturday, with temperatures dropping into the low 20s…burr!

In addition to protecting your sensitive outdoor plants, consider taking the following steps to winterize your home in order to minimize the potential for a burst pipe. Water damage can be very expensive, especially if it damages flooring, electronics or valuable goods. The best course of action is to properly winterize faucets, pipes and plumbing.

1. Remove and store garden hoses

Your first step towards winterizing your exterior faucets is to remove all attached hoses, drain them and store them away.

2. Shut off the valves and drain water

Shut off the interior valves for your front and rear water lines by turning them clockwise. These valves can be found in your basement, high up near the ceiling. Then go outside and turn on the front and rear faucets (open the valves) until they run dry. Once the water is cleared, turn off the exterior faucets (close the valves).

3. Winterize Yourself

Don’t hole yourself up in your house but do bundle up when you’re outside. Feeling the rays of sunlight on your face will energize you! Getting stuck inside can’t lead to anything good (e.g. The Shining). 🙂

HSC Board


Annual Meeting Minutes Posted

For those interested in the outcomes/votes from our Annual Meeting held on 11/4, the minutes are now available on our blog. You can access them by hovering your mouse over Board Members/Meetings tab on the home page and clicking on the Board Meeting Minutes link on the drop down menu.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

HSC Board

Reminder: Annual Meeting this Saturday, November 4th at 9am

Hear ye, hear ye! Come one, come all to the Harpers Square Cluster Annual Meeting

Per the bylaws of Harpers Square Cluster, our annual meeting will be held this Saturday, November 4th at Crystal Stewart’s house (10902 HSC) at 9 AM.  Each home gets one vote and the owner of the townhouse must be present to vote.  We need 1/5 (10) of the houses represented in order to conduct business, so it is important to attend, if at all possible.

We will be discussing such tantalizing topics as:

  • 2018 Budget
  • Retaining Wall
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Board Positions

You don’t want to miss this! Be there or be square!

HSC Board