Is this your car?

Earlier today this vehicle (see image below) was dropped off via tow truck in front of 10929 Harpers Square Ct.

If you know who this car belongs to please contact the Board and let us know. If we can’t locate the owner soon this vehicle will be towed.

Thanks for your help.

HSC Board

Decrease in 2019 Quarterly Assessments

At the 2018 annual meeting, the Board made the decision to reduce the quarterly assessments for 2019. The amount due each quarter will be $350. The reduced assessment will be effective beginning with the January 1, 2019 assessment due date.

Please note that if you are using recurring electronic debit services (ACH direct debit) through American Management of Virginia (AMV) for your assessment installments you will not need to make any adjustments. The $350 will be automatically debited from your bank account on January 1st.

The Board highly recommends that homeowners set up an ACH direct debit so that your payment is never late and always of the correct amount.

To set up an ACH direct debit, use the “e-Payment” tab on the AMV website ( and fill in the information. You can’t start an ACH until February, so you will need to make the 2019 first quarter payment another way, but you can set an ACH up now for all subsequent payments. Don’t click on any of the buttons at the bottom that launch the Mutual of Omaha Bank website. By setting up an ACH, the correct amount will always be debited from your bank account when the amount due changes in the future or if we assess a special assessment. If you go to the Mutual of Omaha Bank website, you can set up automatic recurring debits from your bank account, but you have to type in the amount to be debited and the frequency of the debits. This is not an ACH. So if the amount changes or if we assess a special assessment, you have to go to the bank website and change the amount or frequency. It is a little confusing as to how to set up an ACH, so please pay attention to how you are entering your information. If you have to type in a dollar amount, you are not setting up an ACH.

Please follow the instructions provided in your statement in order to pay your association dues. You can pay via check, e-check, or credit card (with a fee) and you can set up an ACH payment or recurring bank account debit. According to the AMV and Mutual of Omaha Bank/Community Association Bank websites, electronic payments (e-check, credit card, ACH payment, or recurring bank account debits) may take up to 5 business days to process. So make sure you are making your payments at least 5 business days before the 1st day of each quarter to ensure you are not charged a late fee.

If you have any questions about making a payment, please contact Tami Cook of AMV (

HSC Board

Parking Reminder

With the holidays around the corner and with college students returning home for winter break, please be mindful of the following parking guidelines so that we all have the parking spaces we expect as residents of the cluster.

The cluster has enough parking spaces for every unit to have 2 spots with a few left over for visitors. If you have a third vehicle, you must park it in spaces that are not typically occupied by the first 2 vehicles. If there is not enough space to park a third vehicle in some areas of the parking lot, you must park it on Barton Hill Road. Everyone knows their neighbors’ vehicles, and should be aware of who typically parks where.

We encourage everyone in areas with limited parking to talk to your neighbors and work out a plan of who parks in which spaces. If you have guests visiting (especially on weekday evenings when residents are typically coming home from work), please ask them to park on Barton Hill Road so as not to take up other residents’ spaces. If parking gets too limited, to be fair to everyone we will have to require all third vehicles to park on Barton Hill Road.

And as a reminder, we do not have speed bumps in the parking lot because we trust that everyone will exercise caution and drive slowly through the cluster. Children play in the parking lot and many parking spaces are on curves where it is difficult to see approaching vehicles. So please keep your neighbors safety in mind when entering the parking lot and DRIVE SLOW, even near the entrance.

Lastly, every vehicle that belongs to someone who is a resident of the cluster for more than 30 days must have a valid Virginia license plate, registration, and inspection sticker in order to park in the cluster lot.  This is a Fairfax County law and the cluster will tow vehicles who do not comply with this law.  In addition, commercial vehicles are not permitted to park in the lot overnight.  They are only permitted to park in the lot when there on business, such as HVAC repair or plumbing repair at a residence.

HSC  Board