Trash Service Delay

Message from our trash contractor:

Due to circumstances beyond our control stemming from a field staffing shortage, the scheduled TRASH collection for FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2019 has been delayed until tomorrow, SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 2019. Please leave items out for collection. We sincerely apologize for any convenience.

Harpers Square Easter Egg Hunt

Hi everyone. Would anyone be interested in joining us for an Easter egg hunt at the end of the cul-de-sac on Harpers Square Court on Easter Sunday, (which is April 21 this year)? We have the plastic eggs and can fill and hide them that morning if anyone is interested in hunting for them with Baby Anna. If you would like to join us, send Meg an email at, and we will find the right time to accommodate schedules that day and make sure we have enough eggs and adult supervision. ~Meg, Dan, and Baby Anna

No Dumping Leaves in Common Areas Please

Our landscaping crews have recently come through to do the spring cleanup. Since then it was reported that someone dumped their leaves in the common area parking lot.

We kindly ask that you abstain from dumping your leaves and lawn debris into any common areas and if you have recently done so we ask that you remove them and dispose of them in a bag with your trash.

Thank you,

HSC Board

Tree Removal To Continue Tues/Wed – Please Move Cars

Tree removal work will continue tomorrow and Wednesday. Once again work is set to begin at 7:30am on each day.

If you live in the homes from 10961 through 10969 we kindly ask that you move your vehicles from the parking lot by 7:30am on Tuesday and Wednesday so as not to interfere with this work.  You can park on Barton Hill Road. 

Likewise, residents of 10953, 10960, 10970 and 10972 also need to move their vehicles by 7:30am on both days to Barton Hill Road.

Work cannot begin until all vehicles are moved so we kindly ask that you comply with this request.

Thank you,

HSC Board

Tree Removal Notice – Please Move Your Cars!

Harpers Square has hired SavATree to perform some tree removals on Monday, January 21st, 2019. Work is set to begin at 7:30am.

If you live in the homes from 10961 through 10969 we kindly ask that you move your vehicles from the parking lot by 7:30am on Monday so as not to interfere with this work.  You can park on Barton Hill Road in front of your homes. 

Further, we ask that the residents of 10953, 10960, 10970 and 10972 to also move their vehicles by 7:30am on Monday morning to Barton Hill Road.

Lastly, to the person who owns the white Toyota that is parked on Barton Hill Road with tag #ZBZ-1779 we kindly ask you to move your vehicle further down, as a tree will be pruned very close to your car.

Thank you,

HSC Board

Snow Removal Tips

In preparation for the incoming snowstorm, here is a reminder of the cluster dos and don’ts:

  • For those who live in the circle, please only park in the perpendicular spaces; don’t park parallel to a curb so that the snow plow can maneuver around the parking lot and not worry about damaging any vehicles. If you live in the circle and see any cars remaining in the parallel spaces, please knock on the owner’s door and remind them to move their vehicle(s).
  • It is your responsibility to shovel out your parking spaces and the common sidewalk in front of your house. Please do not pile your snow in the parking lot but instead pile it on grassy areas.
  • If you are going to be out of town or cannot shovel for some reason, please make arrangements to have your sidewalks shoveled.
  • Please do not use salt or chemical ice melt on the common sidewalks. We were told by Dominion Paving and Sealing that any chemical ice melt, even those that are “environmentally safe,” still degrade concrete over time and will damage turf or plants. The easiest way to avoid ice buildup is to shovel early and often during the snow storm before it gets walked on.
  • Don’t take (or allow a guest to take) another homeowner’s parking space that they have worked to shovel clear of snow until the snow melts enough to free up the few vacant spaces that we have.
  • Please shovel out fire hydrants near your area, so that they are visible.
  • Please clear the area in front of the mail boxes if the plow does not do it so that the mailman can get to them.

Be safe out there and enjoy the first winter wonderland of the season!

HSC Board