General Information and Services

Welcome to Harpers Square Cluster! We hope you will be very happy here.  A few things you will want to know:

Cluster services

Association fees that are billed quarterly cover the following services that are provided to all units:

Trash Collection

The Cluster Association contracts with American Disposal Services (703-368-0500) for trash collection.  Trash is picked up on Fridays, and should be placed out by the curb by 5:00 a.m. on collection day or sunset the night before.  Service is not provided on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year Day.  American Disposal Services will not pick up hazardous waste items such as old lead acid batteries, flammable products, oil, paint cans, propane tanks, bio-hazardous material and waste, or materials such as rocks, tree stumps, and soil.  Please do not put out trash and recycling prior to sunset on Thursday nights.  Please remove your empty trash and recycle bins from the parking lots no later than Friday night.  If you are not going to be home, please arrange for a neighbor to get them for you.  Don’t let them sit in the parking lot.  No one likes looking at your bins for several days.  The board will be removing bins left out past Friday night.

Recycling and Yard Waste

American Disposal Services provides curbside recycling of plastic food and beverage bottles, jugs, and tubs; metal food and beverage cans; glass bottles and jars; milk and juice cartons (remove caps and straws); and mixed paper and flattened cardboard.  Mixed paper includes:  junk mail, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, phone books, and cereal and cracker boxes.  Items not acceptable for curbside recycling:  light bulbs, ceramic dishes, cookware, pizza boxes, hardcover books, styrofoam, packaging peanuts, plastic bags, takeout containers or clam shell containers (clear plastic or styrofoam), aluminum foil or foil pie pans, and diapers.  Do not bag recyclables; just throw them in the recycling bin.

Grass clippings, yard debris, and leaves must be bagged and put out on the same day as the trash.  Make sure the bags are closed.

Grounds Maintenance

The Cluster Association contracts with Sunrise Lawn and Landscaping each year for common area maintenance as follow (each resident is responsible for maintaining his/her individual property):

  • mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing
  • one spring and two fall fertilization treatments
  • pre-emergent weed control
  • fall aeration and re-seeding
  • lawn insects and disease control
  • two fall leaf cleanups
  • common area mulching
  • insecticide spraying and pruning ornamentals in common area


Snow Removal and Road Sanding/Salting

The Cluster Association contracts for snow plowing if more than 2 inches of snow accumulates. We do not sand or salt our parking lots or sidewalks.  Residents are responsible for clearing snow from their parking spaces, walkways, and sidewalks in front of their units.

Street Lighting

The Cluster Association covers the cost of electricity for street lighting and bulb replacement.

Pavement, Sidewalks,and Curbs

The Cluster Association maintains reserves for re-paving the parking lot, and curb and sidewalk maintenance.  All curbs are painted yellow (no parking) except in designated parking areas.

Tot Lot

The Cluster Association covers the cost of mulching and maintaining the equipment in the tot lot.

Retaining Walls

The Cluster Association maintains reserve funds for maintenance, repair, and replacement of the retaining walls.


The cluster does not have assigned parking. We ask that each home have no more than 2 cars parked in the spots closest to their homes.  Additional cars should be parked in areas with excess spaces or on Barton Hill Road and please instruct your visitors to do the same.

Dog Waste

Please be considerate and pick up after your dog.  Also, remember that Fairfax County has a leash law.  All dogs are to be on a leash at all times.  They are not permitted to roam off a leash.  When they do, you cannot be sure you are picking up after them.  And dog pee burns grass.  Please don’t let your dogs pee on your neighbors lawns or the common area.  They should be walked into the naturalized areas that do not have grass.  Thank you for being a responsible dog owner.

Please Drive Slowly