Did You Hear The Helicopter?

Around 4:45 AM this morning you might have been awakened by the helicopter over our neighborhood or seen the Fairfax County police surveiling our cluster.  Someone attempted to break into an occupied single family home behind us on Wilder Pointe Lane around 4 AM.   The police were searching for the suspect.  We do not have any additional information or know if the suspect was caught.  Please be diligent about locking your house doors and windows and well as your vehicles.  And call 911 immediately if you see anyone suspicious in the neighborhood day or night.

$475 Special Assessment Due August 1, 2017

Dear Harpers Square Residents,

The first installment of the special assessment, approved during our 2016 Annual Meeting, is due August 1st. The purpose of this assessment is to cover the cost to replace our two retaining walls, which was recommended in our most recent reserve study.  The current retaining walls are original to our association.  The normal lifespan of a wooden retaining wall is around 20 years and ours have existed for almost 40 years. We have held out for as long as possible, but have now determined that the walls need to be replaced due to rotting at the base that could lead to a catastrophic failure.

Payment should be remitted to:

Payable to: Harpers Square Cluster
C/o American Management of Virginia
7900 Sudley Road, Suite 600
Manassas, VA 20109

Please note that the payment of the special assessment will be automatically debited from your bank account on August 1st if you are using recurring electronic debit services through American Management of Virginia (AMV) for your regular assessment installments.

Thank you,
HSC Board

Cluster Security Surveillance

surveillance-camera-hi.pngDue to the recent rash of car larcenies, we will be installing security surveillance devices in strategic locations in our cluster. The devices will be set up to monitor our common areas only and not your personal properties.

The Fairfax County Police Dept. has also been notified and will be monitoring the situation.

HSC Board


Car Thief Back Last Night

Last night someone went through the neighborhood and ransacked unlocked vehicles for the 3rd time in less than a year. 

If your vehicle was ransacked, please file a report with the Fairfax County police. You can do it online by following this link:


Please let the Board know as well.

And again, everyone please lock your vehicles at all times.  If we don’t provide the larcenist with targets, it will discourage them from returning.

Are You Missing a Bunny?

A fluffy grey rabbit was found by one of our homeowners in a front yard on Barton Hill Court.  The bunny is obviously domesticated.  The bunny has been taken to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter where it has been placed on a 6-day hold to see if it is claimed by its owner.  The 6 days runs out tomorrow, July 6.  So if you are missing a bunny, please call the shelter immediately.  If the bunny is not claimed, it will be put up for adoption.  The shelter has informed us that it will most likely be adopted immediately because it is very cute and domesticated.


Mt. Mulch No More….please!

No wheelbarrow?  No worry!  We’ll leave one on Mt. Mulch for your use.  Please tell friends and family….free mulch….we’d love to see it put to use….and go away!


hey all, if you would like as much free mulch as you can transport, come on down to the cul-de-sac with a wheelbarrow and shovel and have at it.  It’s the mulch from the tree that just came down, and is very fresh and looking for a home in a nice garden bed 🙂